Bible In A Year

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Welcome to the Daily Video Bible where, just like a one year Bible reading plan, you can ‘watch’ the Bible in a year.

Daily two videos from the Bible will be released onto this website. We will also publish them to our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+), YouTube, through an RSS feed, phone apps (coming soon), and a newsletter.  God wants to meet you where you are with His Word!

Some recommendations for getting the most out of Daily Video Bible:


  • Have a Bible!  Need a Bible?  There is a free download of the Net Bible HERE.  It is the translation we are using for this project.
  • Print out a copy of the Daily Video Bible Reading plan HERE.
  • Come join our open communities – one of the most active ones is the Facebook group.
  • Ask your questions.  We promise to answer as honestly as we can with grace filled answers.
  • Share YOUR Story.  We would love to hear how God has touched and changed your life.  You can send us a video or an email or a Facebook post – but we really want to hear about YOU!  Also, if you would like to Share Your Video of you reading/acting out/singing/rapping/dancing to something from the Bible we would love to feature you on our YouTube page as well as on the Daily Video Bible website.