July 20 – Psalms 75 and 76 from the Old Testament

Psalms 75 and 76 – Psalm 75

For the music director; according to the al-tashcheth style; a psalm of Asaph; a song.

75:1 We give thanks to you, O God! We give thanks!

You reveal your presence;

people tell about your amazing deeds.

75:2 God says,

“At the appointed times,

I judge fairly.

75:3 When the earth and all its inhabitants dissolve in fear,

I make its pillars secure.” (Selah)

75:4 I say to the proud, “Do not be proud,”

and to the wicked, “Do not be so confident of victory!

75:5 Do not be so certain you have won!

Do not speak with your head held so high!

75:6 For victory does not come from the east or west,

or from the wilderness.

75:7 For God is the judge!

He brings one down and exalts another.

75:8 For the Lord holds in his hand a cup full

of foaming wine mixed with spices,

and pours it out.

Surely all the wicked of the earth

will slurp it up and drink it to its very last drop.”

75:9 As for me, I will continually tell what you have done;

I will sing praises to the God of Jacob!

75:10 God says,

“I will bring down all the power of the wicked;

the godly will be victorious.”

Psalm 76

For the music director; to be accompanied by stringed instruments; a psalm of Asaph, a song.

76:1 God has revealed himself in Judah;

in Israel his reputation is great.

76:2 He lives in Salem;

he dwells in Zion.

76:3 There he shattered the arrows,

the shield, the sword, and the rest of the weapons of war. (Selah)

76:4 You shine brightly and reveal your majesty,

as you descend from the hills where you killed your prey.

76:5 The bravehearted were plundered;

they “fell asleep.”

All the warriors were helpless.

76:6 At the sound of your battle cry, O God of Jacob,

both rider and horse “fell asleep.”

76:7 You are awesome! Yes, you!

Who can withstand your intense anger?

76:8 From heaven you announced what their punishment would be.

The earth was afraid and silent

76:9 when God arose to execute judgment,

and to deliver all the oppressed of the earth. (Selah)

76:10 Certainly your angry judgment upon men will bring you praise;

you reveal your anger in full measure.

76:11 Make vows to the Lord your God and repay them!

Let all those who surround him bring tribute to the awesome one!

76:12 He humbles princes;

the kings of the earth regard him as awesome.

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